Thomas Barrett of Belhouse in Aveley, Essex, Esq.1

Male, #37779, (say 1353 - )
Birth*say 1353 Thomas was born say 1353. 
Marriage* He married Elizabeth Norton
Biography* The following is from Jonathan Catton, Heritage & Museum Officer, Thurrock Museum:
Thurrock Museum, which covers the Parish of Aveley, has a privately published family history of the Barrett-Lennards (as they became) c19th century, we also have relics from the house, internal photo's c 1920, painting of the house c 1710, engravings c 1830.
Aveley Parish Church has several burials of the Barret-Lennards.
Should any of your Culpepper researchers require help I would be happy to try and deal with local history enquiry at 
Birth of Sonsay 1383 His son John Barrett of Belhouse in Aveley, Essex, Esq. was born say 1383. 


Elizabeth Norton (say 1355 - )
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  1. 1612 Visitation, Essex.