Alan la Zouche Earl of Brittany

Male, #43937, (say 1105 - )
Birth*say 1105 Alan was born say 1105. 
Biography* That the Zouches branched from the Earls of Brittany is admitted by all genealogists, but they do not coincide in the exact line of descent. William la Zusche to the monks of Swavesey, in Cambridgeshire, the grants made by his ancestors to the abbey St. Segius and Bacchus, in Anjou (to which the priory of Swavesey was a cell), calls Roger la Zusche, his father, and Alan la Zusche, his grandfather. This William died in the first year of the reign of King John, and was succeeded by his brother, Roger.
Ref: Burke, pp. 598-599. 
Birth of Sonsay 1135 His son Roger la Zouche was born say 1135. 


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