Gilbert Crispin

Male, #8350, (say 986 - )
Father*Crispin de Bec (s 940 - )
Mother*Haloise de Guines (s 942 - )
Birth*say 986 Gilbert was born at France say 986. 
Marriage*say 1012 He married Gunmore d'Ainon say 1012. 
Biography* Gilbert CRISPIN (d. c. 1117), English cleric, biblical exegete, and proponent of the thought of St. Anselm of Canterbury. Of noble birth, Gilbert was educated and later became a monk at the monastery of Bec, in Normandy, where Anselm was abbot. Gilbert served as abbot of Westminster from c. 1085 until his death. Gilbert's exegesis was deeply influenced by his friendship with Anselm and his acquaintance with a Jew from Mainz. His skillful writings include Disputatio Iudaei et Christiani, in which a dialogue on the Christian faith is carried out between Gilbert and his Jewish acquaintance. Other historical and doctrinal works are De Simoniacis, De Spiritu Sancto, and Disputatio Christiani cum gentilli. Source: "Gilbert CRISPIN" Britannica Online. [Accessed 15 February 1998]. 


Gunmore d'Ainon (say 988 - )
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