King Arnulf the Great

Male, #8356, (say 900 - 27 Mar 965)
Father*King Baldwin the Bald, Count of Flanders (c 863 - )
Mother*Elfrida (s 868 - 7 Jun 929)
Birth*say 900 Arnulf was born say 900. 
Marriage*say 922 He married Alice of Vermandois say 922. 
Death of Mother7 Jun 929 His mother Elfrida died on 7 Jun 929 at Flanders.1 
Death*27 Mar 965 He died on 27 Mar 965. 
Biography* Arnulf I, byname ARNULF THE GREAT, or THE ELDER, French ARNOUL LE GRAND, or LE VIEUX, Dutch ARNULF DE GROTE, or DE OUDE (b. c. 900--d. March 27, 965), count of Flanders (918-958, 962-965) and son of Baldwin II. On his father's death in 918, the inherited lands were divided between Arnulf and his brother Adolf, but the latter survived only a short time, and Arnulf succeeded to the whole inheritance. His reign was filled with warfare against the Norsemen, and he took an active part in the struggles in Lorraine between the emperor Otto I and Hugh Capet. In 958 Arnulf placed the government in the hands of his son Baldwin ( Baldwin III), and the young man, though his reign was a very short one, did a great deal for the commercial and industrial progress of the country, establishing the first weavers and fullers at Ghent and instituting yearly fairs at Ypres, Bruges, and other places. On Baldwin III's death in 962 the old count, Arnulf I, resumed control and spent the few remaining years of his life in securing the succession of his grandson Arnulf II the Younger (reigned 965-988). Source: "Arnulf I" Britannica Online. [Accessed 10 February 1998]. 


Alice of Vermandois (say 902 - )
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