King Baldwin the Bald, Count of Flanders

Male, #8357, (circa 863 - )
Father*King Baldwin Iron-Arm of Flanders (s 840 - )
Mother*Princess Judith (s 843 - )
Birth*circa 863 Baldwin was born circa 863.1 
Marriage*after 893 He married Elfrida after 893.1 
Biography* Baldwin II, byname BALDWIN THE BALD, French BAUDOUIN LE CHAUVE, Dutch BOUDEWIJN DE KALE (d. 918), second ruler of Flanders, who, from his stronghold at Bruges, maintained, as his father Baldwin I before him, a vigorous defense of his lands against the incursions of the Norsemen. On his mother's side a descendant of Charlemagne, he strengthened the dynastic importance of his family by marrying Aelfthryth, daughter of Alfred the Great, of Wessex, Eng. Source: "Baldwin II" Britannica Online. [Accessed 10 February 1998]. 
Birth of Sonsay 900 His son King Arnulf the Great was born say 900. 


Elfrida (say 868 - 7 Jun 929)
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