King Baldwin Iron-Arm of Flanders

Male, #8358, (say 840 - )
Birth*say 840 Baldwin was born say 840. 
Marriage*862 He married Princess Judith in 862.1 
Biography* Baldwin I, byname BALDWIN IRON-ARM, French BAUDOUIN BRAS-DE-FER, Dutch BOUDEWIJN DE IJZERE ARM (d. 879), the first ruler of Flanders. A daring warrior under Charles II the Bald of France, he fell in love with the King's daughter Judith, the youthful widow of two English kings, married her (862), and fled with his bride to Lorraine. Charles, though at first angry, was at last conciliated, and made his son-in-law margrave (Marchio Flandriae) of Flanders (864), which he held as a hereditary fief. The Norsemen were at this time continually devastating the coastlands, and Baldwin was entrusted with this outlying borderland in order to defend it. He was the first of a line of strong rulers, who early in the 10th century exchanged the title of margrave for that of count. Source: "Baldwin I" Britannica Online. [Accessed 10 February 1998]. 
Birth of Soncirca 863 His son King Baldwin the Bald, Count of Flanders was born circa 863.1 


Princess Judith (say 843 - )
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