Saint Arnulf of Metz

Male, #8366, (say 580 - circa 18 Jul 640)
Birth*say 580 Arnulf was born at Nancy, France, say 580. 
Marriage* He married Doda
Birth of Sonsay 605 His son Ansegisel was born say 605. 
Death*circa 18 Jul 640 He died at Remiremont, France, circa 18 Jul 640. 
Biography* Arnulf OF METZ, SAINT, French SAINT ARNOUL DE METZ (b. c. 580, near Nancy [France]--d. July 18, 640?, Remiremont; feast day August 16 or 19), bishop of Metz and, with Pepin I, the earliest known ancestor of Charlemagne. A Frankish noble, Arnulf gave distinguished service at the Austrasian court under Theudebert II (595-612). In 613, however, with Pepin, he led the aristocratic opposition to Brunhild that led to her downfall and to the reunification of Frankish lands under Chlotar II. About the same year, he became bishop. From 623, again with Pepin, now mayor of the Austrasian palace, Arnulf was adviser to Dagobert I, before retiring (629?) to become a hermit. Arnulf's son Ansegisel married Pepin's daughter Begga; the son of this marriage, Pepin II, was Charlemagne's great-grandfather. Source: "Arnulf OF METZ, SAINT" Britannica Online. [Accessed 10 February 1998].
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St. Arnulf d.c. 640 Feastday: July 18
Bishop and member of the court of the Frankish king Theodebert II of
Austrasia, sometimes called Arnuiph or Arnulf of Metz. A noble, Arnulf
married Doda, and their son was Ansegisel. Ansegisel married Beggia, the daughter of Pepin of Landen, starting the Carolingian dynasty of France. Doda became a nun, and Arnulf made plans to enter a monastery but was named the bishop of Nletz around 616. He continued his court services, making Clotaire of Neustria the king of Austrasia. He also served as counselor to Dagobert, King Clotaire's son. In 626, Arnulf retired to a hermitage at Remiremont, France.



Doda (say 580 - )
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