Count Pepin II of Peronne

Male, #8379, (817 - after 845)
Father*King Bernard of Italy (797 - 17 Aug 818)
Mother*Cunigunde (s 797 - )
Birth*817 Pepin was born in 817. 
Death*after 845 He died after 845. 
Biography* Pepin II, the son of Pepin I of Aquitaine, he gained the throne about 845, after defeating the emperor Charles II the Bald in 844. War soon broke out again, however, and Charles slowly advanced through Aquitaine. Pepin took refuge with Sancho, duke of the Gascons, but in 852 was handed over to Charles, tonsured, and relegated to a monastery. Escaping in 854, he renewed the struggle, but in 859 the Aquitanians began to abandon him. Thereafter he became a wanderer, sometimes joining Viking raiders, with a band of whom he attacked Toulouse in 864. Captured soon afterward, he died during imprisonment at Senlis. Source: "Pepin II" Britannica Online. [Accessed 15 February 1998]. 
Birth of Sonsay 850 His son Count Herbert I of Vermandois was born say 850. 


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