King Bernard of Italy

Male, #8380, (797 - 17 Aug 818)
Father*King Pepin of Italy (Apr 773 - 8 Jul 810)
Mother*Bertha of Toulouse (s 775 - )
Birth*797 Bernard was born in 797. 
Marriage* He married Cunigunde
Death of Father8 Jul 810 His father King Pepin of Italy died on 8 Jul 810. 
Birth of Son817 His son Count Pepin II of Peronne was born in 817. 
Death*17 Aug 818 He died on 17 Aug 818. 
Biography* Louis I confirmed Bernard, the son of his dead brother Pepin, as king of Italy, which position Charlemagne had allowed him to inherit in 813. But when Bernard revolted in 817, Louis had him blinded, and he died as a result of it. Louis sent his sisters and half sisters to nunneries and later put his three illegitimate half brothers--Drogo, Hugo, and Theodoric--into monasteries. Source: "Louis I" Britannica Online. [Accessed 10 February 1998]. 


Cunigunde (say 797 - )
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