Agnes Roper1,2

Female, #8407, (say 1400 - 2 Dec 1457)
Father*Edmund Roper of St. Dunstan's Canterbury (s 1370 - )
Birth*say 1400 Agnes was born at St. Dunstan's, Canterbury, co. Kent, England, say 1400. 
Marriagesay 1422 She married John Bedgebury of Bedgebury Manor say 1422. 
Married Namesay 1422  As of say 1422, her married name was Bedgebury. 
Marriage*say 1425 She married Walter Culpeper of Goudhurst, Bayhall & Hardreshull say 1425. 
Married Namesay 1425  As of say 1425, her married name was Culpeper. 
Birth of Sonsay 1430 Her son John Culpeper of Bayhall, Hardreshull & Bedgebury was born say 1430. 
Birth of Sonsay 1435 Her son Richard Culpeper of Wakehurst was born say 1435. 
Birth of Sonsay 1437 Her son Nicholas Culpeper of Wakehurst was born say 1437. 
Death*2 Dec 1457 She died at Goudhurst, co. Kent, England, on 2 Dec 1457.3 
Burial*circa 3 Dec 1457 Her body was interred circa 3 Dec 1457 at Bedgebury Chapel of St. Mary's Church, Goudhurst, co. Kent, England.3 
Biography* Walter Colepeper, who continued the line, married Agnes, the daughter of Edmund Roper, of St. Dunstans, Canterbury, and is so described on her tombstone at Goudhurst. She was also the widow of John, son of John de Bedgebury, a fact not mentioned in the pedigrees recorded in the Visitations, but which is amply evidenced by an undated Chancery Procceding, temp. Hen. VI., where Walter Culpeper and Agnes, his wife, late the wife of John, son of John de Beggebury and Thomas Chaundeler, chaplain, appear as plaintiffs in a dispute relating to property in Goudhurst, Cranbrook and Hawkhurst, which John, son of Roger de Beggebury, left to pay for two chaplains to sing masses for his soul and for that of Johanna, his wife. By this marriage Walter Colepeper had, with two daughters--Margaret, married to Alexander Clifford, and Elizabeth, married to John Hardes, of Hardes, co. Kent--three sons, Richard, John and Nicholas. Agnes, his wife, predeceased him on the 2nd December, 1457, and was buried at Goudhurst, and Walter himself died on the 24th November, 1462, and was also buried at Goudhurst.
(Sussex Colepepers-I)
     The Visitation of Kent 1619 says, "Agnes Roper was the daughter of Rudolph Roper (and Beatrice Lewknor, daughter of Thomas Lewkner), son of Thomas Roper (and the daughter of Thomas Appledore), son of Thomas Roper, son of Adae Roper, son of Edwin Roper."

History and Topological Survey of the County of Kent, V.I (1797) by Edward Hasted, Chap.: Eltham, p.471:

This family of Roper derived their original from Haculf Musard, who, in the Conqueror's time [1066-87], was as eminent for his virtue and piety as for his opulence. His manors, from his being seated at Miserden, in Gloucestershire, were in general, thogh lying in different counties, comprehended under the name of Baronia de Miserden. He was succeeded by his son, Richard, who died anno 33 Henry II (1187), whose younger son, William, was surnamed Rubra Spatha, and Rougespe, which was afterwards contracted to Roper, from one of whose posterity, about the reign of king Edward I (1272-1307), as some antient evidences affirm the Ropers of the county of Kent derive their descent, and from whom likewise the Ropers of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, who continued till king Henry VI's (1422-61) reign, derived their original; at which time Isolda, only daughter of John Roper of Turndich, marrying Richard, eldest son of Richard Furneaux of Beighton, in Derbyshire, he covenanted, that his son and all his issue by her should thenceforth forsake their paternal name, and assume that of Roper, from whence descended the Ropers, viscounts Baltinglass, barons of Bantre in Ireland, and those of Hull, in Yorkshire. Among others of this name, who flourished in those early times, was William Rosper, or De Rubra Spatha, who in the reign of king Henry III (1216-72) was a great benefactor to St. Martin's priory, in Dover. John de Rubra Spatha or Rosper, did eminent service in Scotland, under king Edward III (1327-77) who rewarded him and William Clifford (as appears by a pedigree recorded in the duke of Dorfet's pedigree) about the 29th year of his reign (1356), with the third part of those forfeitures which were due from the Jews then inhabiting in London, for the violation of some penal statutes, which had been enacted against them. In the 1st year of king Richard II (1377), the king calling on his subjects for money on an emergency, John Ropere of Canterbury, lent forty pounds to furnish out a fleet against the French and Scots; and Henry Ropere of Redyng, next year lent the king twenty pounds for the like occasions.

The heraldic visitations of this county, taken by John Philipott, rouge dragon, in 1619, begins the pedigree of this family with Edwin Roper, of the count of Kent, whose son, Adam Roper, had two sons, Thomas and Edmund, who was prior of Bilsington, in this county. Thomas Roper married the daughter of Thomas de Apuldore, and by her had one son and heir, Ralph, who was twice married, first to Beatrix, daughter of Sir Thomas Lewknor, and secondley to the daughter of Thomas Kempe of Wye. By his first wife he had John, who died without issue, in 1401; Agnes, married to Walter Culpeper, esq. of Bedgbury, and Edmund, who was of St. Dunstan's, and an eminent man in the reigns of Henry IV and V under whom he was a justice of the peace for this county. He died in the 12th year of Henry VI and was buried in the church of St. Dunstan's, leaving two sons, John Roper of Swacliffe, esq. and Edmund. John Roper, the eldest son, was of Swacliffe, and succeeded his father likewise at St. Dunstan's. He was one of the surveyors of the customs of the cinque ports under king Henry VII in his 19th year (1504). He married Margery, daughter and coheir of John Tattersall before mentioned, and died in the end of the year 1488...3 
Will22 Sep 1516 She is mentioned in the will of Richard Culpeper of Wakehurst on 22 Sep 1516.4 


Walter Culpeper of Goudhurst, Bayhall & Hardreshull (say 1400 - 24 Nov 1462)
Marriage*say 1425 She married Walter Culpeper of Goudhurst, Bayhall & Hardreshull say 1425. 
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