John Culpeper of Lynleigh

Male, #8410, (circa 1262 - after 1337)
Father*Sir Thomas Culpeper of Brenchley and Bayhall (s 1230 - a 1309)
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Culpepper. 
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Colepeper. 
Birth*circa 1262 John was born at England circa 1262. 
Marriage*say 1285 He married Johanna (?) say 1285. 
Biography* John and his three siblings (Thomas, Walter and Nicholas) were implicated in the Earl of Lancaster's rebellion, but John and Nicholas evidently in a Iesser degree than Thomas and Walter. There was an order issued in 1322 to the Sheriff of York to receive John Colepeper and others into custody in York Castle. This looks as if John Colepeper took part in the Battle of Boroughbridge...
     After remaining a close prisoner during the remainder of the reign in the Castles of Berkhampstead and Gloucester, John Colepeper was released on the accession of Edward III., and in the restoration of confiscated lands which then took place those of John Colepeper, of Lynlegh, were included. He was alive eleven years later, when John Colepeper, of Lynlegh, with Johanna, his wife, appear as deforciants in a fine relating to 20 acres of land in Wythyhame.1 
Death*after 1337 He died after 1337. 


Johanna (?) (circa 1267 - )
ChartsThe 12th century Culpepers of England: Descendant Chart (16 generations, Males only)
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