Anne Culpeper

Female, #8435, (say 1502 - after 1532)
Father*Walter Culpeper of Calais and Wigsell (s 1475 - 1514)
Mother*Anne Aucher (s 1480 - c 1533)
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Culpepper. 
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Colepeper. 
Birth*say 1502 Anne was born say 1502. 
Married Namesay 1520  As of say 1520, her married name was Tooke. 
Marriage*say 1520 She married (?) Tooke say 1520. 
Will4 Sep 1532 She is mentioned in the will of Anne Aucher at co. Kent, England, on 4 Sep 1532.1,2 
Death*after 1532 She died after 1532. 
Biography* As she was not named in Walter Culpeper's will 1514), the only testimony for her is the legacy in her mother's will 1532) to 'my daughter Anne Tooke.'
There is no clue to her husband in any of the Kentish Visitation pedigrees: certainly he was not of the family of 'Toke of Bere' in West Cliffe. But the Sir Brian Tuke (spelled also Tooke and Tuck) who was clerk of the Council of Calais in 1510 and later Secretary to Wolsey and Henry VIII (D. N. B. re-issue, xix, 1252). while a Kentish man, acquired lands, on which his descendants lived, in Essex (Morant, i, 407) ; and it will be recalled that this Anne Culpeper's father also held lands in Essex under the will of Sir John Culpeper[11] Moreover Sir Brian Tuke's father was a Richard Tuck, and the Wylford pedigree shows that a daughter of 'Anne Tooke's' sister married a Richard Tuck of a later generation. Considering these evidences and the propensity of Kentish families (like Virginia families) to marry cousins, it is possible that this was such a marriage; and that 'Anne Tooke's husband was of the family of Sir Brian Tuke.
Source: Fairfax Harrison, "The Proprietors of the Northern Neck." 


(?) Tooke (say 1499 - )
Marriage*say 1520 She married (?) Tooke say 1520. 
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