Sir John de Hardreshull of Hardreshull and Ashton1,2

Male, #8551, (1291 - say 1365)
Father*William de Hardreshull of Hardreshull in Warwick (s 1261 - )
Mother*Juliana Hacche (s 1263 - )
Birth*1291 John was born at Hartshill, Warwickshire, England, in 1291. 
Marriage*say 1319 He married Margaret Stafford say 1319. 
Burial*1365 His body was interred in 1365 at Ashton, co. Kent, England
Death*say 1365 He died say 1365. 
Biography* Age 12 in 32 Edward I (1303) which means he was born circa 1291. 


Margaret Stafford (say 1294 - before 1365)
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