Ralph Woodcock Alderman of London1

Male, #8983, (1519 - 1 Sep 1586)
Father*William Woodcock (s 1489 - )
Birth*1519 Ralph was born in 1519. 
Marriage*20 Jan 1557 He married Good Bower of co. Wilts at St. Lawrence Jewry, City of London, London, England, on 20 Jan 1557. 
Marriage He married Helen Collier
Death of Spouse29 Jun 1573 His wife Good Bower of co. Wilts died on 29 Jun 1573. 
Death*1 Sep 1586 He died at St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, London, England, on 1 Sep 1586. 
Burial*12 Sep 1586 His body was interred on 12 Sep 1586 at St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, London, England
Biography* Inscription on the Tomb of Ralph Woodcock:
"Here lieth entombed Ralph Woodcock, Grocer and Alderman of London, who departed this first day of September 1686, aged 67 years. He had four wives: Helen Collier, by whom he had five sons and three daughters; Good Bower, by whom he had ten sons and five daughters (including Ursula, first wife of John Culpepper of Astood in Feckenham); Elenor Carew, by whom he had one daughter, and Mary Lonyson, by whom he had no issue." The coat of Arms here for his second wife Bower was a "Cross patee"; for Carew his third wife was a "Paly of six Argent and Sable, on a chief Gules three lions rampant Or". His fourth wife Lonyson bore, "Argent, a fess Sable between three wolves or talbots passant of the second."
Source: Stow's "London" (Strype), Book iii, p. 72):

Funeral Certificate of Raufe Woodcock:
Raufe Woodcock, Esquire, Citizen and Alderman of London, departed this lyf at his house in the parishe of Saint Mary Aldermanbury in London on Thursday the first of September Anno d'ni 1586 in the vvviij-th year of the reigne of our Sov'egn Lady Queen Elizabeth. And was buryed in the parishe churche of St. Mary aforesaid on Monday the 12 of the same moneth. The said Rauf tooke to his first wyf Elene the daughter of . . . . Collyer of Staffordshire, gent., by whom he had yssue Will'm his sonne and heire, Ambrose second sonne, and Timothie his third sonne. His second wyf was Good the daughter of . . . . Bower of . . . . in the countie of Wilt, by whom he had yssue Thomas, Robert, Michael, Elizabeth wyf to Thomas Antrobus of London, gen', Margery wyf to Robert second sonne of Will'm Kempton, Alderman of London, Sara wyf to Rolland Beresford of Linsters in the countie of Hertford, gen', and Ursula wyf to Salomon Pordage of Redmersham in Kent, gen'. His third wyf Eleanor was the daughter of Elias Gisbright native of Holland by whome he had yssue Francesse a daughter. His fourth wyf which survyved was Mary the daughter of Robert Colt of Hertforshire, gent., and wydow of John Lanyson, citizen and goldsmith of London, by whom he had no yssue. Sole executor and perfourmer of the Last will and testament to the defunct was Thomas Woodcock his eldest sonne by his second wyf. Overseers thereof ar Salomon Pordage his sonne in lawe, John Fox, citizen and goldsmith of London, John Bourne, citizen and letherseller of London, and Richard Aldworth, citizen and grocer of London. Mourners at the same funerall wer Ambrose, Timothie and Robert sonnes to the defunct. And Clarencieulx, Kinge of Armes, with Somersett Herald wer present and did direct and order the same funerall by whom this certificat or letter testiomoniall was taken to be registred in the Office of Armes. Which certificat in every the partes and contentes threof is witnessed to be true by the subscription of these followinge.
(Source: College of Arms, I, 10, fo. 157, 1586.) 

Family 1

Helen Collier (say 1521 - )
Marriage He married Helen Collier

Family 2

Good Bower of co. Wilts (circa 1534 - 29 Jun 1573)
Marriage*20 Jan 1557 He married Good Bower of co. Wilts at St. Lawrence Jewry, City of London, London, England, on 20 Jan 1557. 
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