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Goudhurst, Kent, England

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Church of St Mary, Goudhurst, Kent (Continued)

Aisle at St Mary, Goudhurst, Kent, Oct 1999

The east window in this chapel (in above picture, partially obscured and to the right) is large and luminous, by far the biggest in the church. It has five lights with tracery above and now has clear glass. Most of the glass in the church was blown out by two parachute land-mines in 1940. This act of war was not without benefit, for it is certainly due to the loss of a number of undistinguished windows of Victorian stained glass that the church is now so diffused with light.

Culpeper Kneeler in Bedgebury Chapel, St Marys, Goudhurst, Kent, Oct 1999
Culpeper Kneeler in Bedgebury Chapel

Stone Relief of Old Sir Alexander Culpeper10 and family

In the jamb of the bay window above the recumbent effigies of Old Sir Alexander Culpeper10 and his wife (the effigies are pictured in the right-side column of this page), there is a small stone relief dated 1537. It depicts God in majesty, the Virgin and Child, St George slaying the dragon, and kneeling figures of the Culpepers.

"Ould" Sir Alexander Culpeper9 was the son of Sir John Culpeper of Bedgebury8, who was a direct ancestor of the modern-day Culpepers. Old Sir Alexander's iron foundries at Bedgebury cast guns for the fleet that fought the Spanish Armada. That knight and his lady lie in wooden effigy (pictured above and below) just outside the chapel below the bay window in the south aisle, serenely awaiting the day of judgment. His funeral helm hangs above. This rare memorial is clearly a true portrait of the couple. It was carved and painted in 1537 during the Reformation and is one of only eighty or so of its kind in the country.

Dogs at feet of Sir Alexander Culpeper and Wife, St Marys, Goudhurst, Oct 1999
Dogs at the feet of Old Sir Alexander Culpeper10 and wife, Constantina Chamberlayne

Constantina and Sir Alexander,
from above

Genealogy: See page 3 for the relationship of Sir Alexander to the other Culpepers memorialized at St. Mary's, Goudhurst.

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