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Goudhurst, Kent, England

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Culpeper Monument in Bedgebury Chapel, St Mary's, Goudhurst

Culpeper Memorial at St Mary, Goudhurst, Kent, Oct 1999

The chief monument in the chapel is of the Tudor period - an alabaster memorial to four generations of Culpepers, carved in 1599 and erected in 1608.

bullet In a niche at the top is the demi-figure of Sir Thomas Culpeper10, who served as sheriff in the reign of Edward VI.
bullet His son, Sir Alexander Culpeper11, is portrayed beneath with his eldest son and his wife Mary, who was the daughter of Lord Dacre of the North. Sir Alexander Culpeper11 was knighted by Queen Elizabeth, whom he entertained at Bedgebury.
bullet The third generation of the family is represented by their son Sir Anthony Culpeper12 and his wife, Ann, daughter of Sir Roger Martin, Mayor of London.
bullet Most of their sixteen children kneel below with their parents (pictured below, girls on the left, boys on the right). The baptism of twelve sons and four daughters is recorded in the parish register.

Warren Culpepper standing beside the Culpeper Memorial at St. Mary's, Goudhurst, Oct 1999

Warren Culpepper beside the four-generation Culpeper Monument (October 1999)

Mary Dacre, wife; Sir Alexander Culpeper11; and eldest son, Sir Anthony Culpeper12

Sir Anthony Culpeper12 and ten sons are on the right. His wife Ann Martin, daughter and heiress of Sir Roger Martin of London is on the left along with four daughters.

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