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Sending Us Photographs

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We welcome your submission of qualifying photographs for inclusion in the Family Tree section of this web site.

Qualifications for Inclusion. To qualify for inclusion:

  1. Culpeppers, Only. The photograph must be of someone who used the surname of Culpepper, Culpeper or Colepeper during at least some part of his or her life, and

  2. Deceased, Only. The individual must be deceased.

  3. Significance. In addition, to being a deceased Culpepper, at least one of the following must also be true.

    1. Pre 1940. The photograph was taken before 1940, or

    2. Military. The individual is pictured in a military uniform (Include, if known, military branch, rank, and unit, plus dates of service), or

    3. Quality. The photograph is of portrait quality, or

    4. Biography/Obit. The photograph is accompanied with a biography or obituary of the deceased.

Multiple Photos of the Same Person. You are welcome to send multiple photos of the same person.  They may or may not be included at the website, at the discretion of the publisher

Information to Furnish with Photograph. Please provide the following information with each photograph:

  1. Name and ID Number. Identification of all people in the photographs, including their ID numbers in the family tree

  2. Place. Place photograph was taken, if known.

  3. Date. Estimated date of photograph.

  4. Your Contact Info. Your full name and address.

  5. Relationship. Your relationship to someone in the photograph.

How to Send. Photos can be sent in either of two ways:

  1. Electronically. If you can electronically scan photographs, please feel free to do so and send the images as e-mail attachments. The preferred format is "jpeg" (.jpg, but we can also accept "gif" and "bmp".  If you do not know what format the photo is in, just send what you have and don't worry about it. If you're planning to send multiple photos, first send only one so we can make sure that we can read your particular format.

  2. By Postal Mail. You can have photographic copies made and send them via postal mail. Please do not mail anything that you would need returned.

Send To:

Lew Griffin  E-mail Address
4307 North 34th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Last Revised: 02 Jan 2015

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