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We truly welcome submissions of additional material on the Culpepper family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What family members are you interested in?

We wish to include within our family tree the names of all deceased people with a Culpepper surname (by birth, marriage or adoption). We also want to include the names of the non-Culpepper spouses, and these spouses' parents.

Generally, we do not publish other non-Culpepper names, but there are a few exceptions. For complete details, please see our statement on Culpepper Focus.

2. What details would you like on each name?

When sending information, be as specific as you can, but we well understand that no one has all of the details that they wished they had. To the extent that you know it, for each person please provide:

  1. Full name

  2. Nickname(s), if any

  3. Spouse(s)

  4. Children

  5. Date and place of birth

  6. Date and place of marriage

  7. Date and place of death

  8. Date and place of burial.

If you have biographical details, such as from newspaper clippings, or from personal recollections, we hope you'll include those as well.

If your information is not complete, then feel free to send us what you have now. We can always add more details later.

3. There are birth dates of living people in the family tree information that I plan to send. Can you keep that confidential?

We do not publish within our web-based family tree any dates or places associated with living people. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

4. How should I submit my information?

We prefer data being submitted by e-mail. If you have a printed report and can attach it to your e-mail, that would be preferred, but delivery via postal mail is also fine.

If you use genealogical software and have 20 or more new names to submit, if you prefer, you can send a GEDCOM file.

In any event, we would like to accommodate our Contributors and not make submissions difficult or time consuming, so please send information in a form that is convenient for you.

5. To whom do I send my information or questions?

Lew Griffin, Phoenix, AZ
Click to send e-mail or send to
(If you need a postal mail address, please send an e-mail to request it.)

6. What photographs are you interested in?

Qualifying photographs of deceased Culpeppers will be welcomed and included in the Family Tree section of this web site.
See: Qualifications and sending instructions.

7. I would like to communicate directly with some of my cousins. How can I find them?

Upon your request, we will add a note to the record of a selected ancestor (such as your great-grandfather), which states that you would like to communicate with other descendants of that person. Just tell us the name of the ancestor, how you are related to him or her, and how you can be contacted (e-mail, postal mail or phone).

8. In which documents are you interested and how should I send them?

In addition to photographs mentioned above, we are interested in a wide range of Culpepper-related documents. They include, but are not limited to news clippings, biographies, obituaries, family bible records, cemetery surveys, wills, and vital records (births, marriages, deaths).

If you are sending something from a newspaper, if available, please include the publication name and date.

Also, please provide your full name and address as well as your relationship, if it is not obvious, to the person or people for whom you are mailing information.

If you can electronically scan old documents, please feel to do so and send the images to us as e-mail attachments.

Otherwise, you can send the originals, copies or abstracts via postal mail. Please do not mail anything that you need returned.

9. What special lists do you maintain on the Web site, and what do I need to send you to nominate someone for inclusion?

We maintain a large number of special lists for Interesting Culpeppers and Culpeppers who have served in wartime. Note, that we now only publish this information for deceased people. If you have anyone to nominate for inclusion, please provide whatever details you know. Check the existing listings to see the type of information carried for the list. Always include your own name, your relationship to the person nominated, and that person's ancestry, to the extent you know it. Send as e-mail, if possible. Otherwise, send via postal mail.

10. How often do you update your family tree on the Web?

We currently try to publish updates at least a couple of times a year, and at the time of each update we announce our plans for the next update

Last Revised: 02 Jan 2015


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