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Privacy Policy

The publishers of this web site greatly appreciate the cooperation and participation of our fellow researchers and of others who provide us with their family information.

As a result, we will adhere to the following guidelines for the Culpepper Connections! web site:

  1. Living Person Data. Within our Family Tree, as of our May 2014 update, we decided to quit publishing any names or details about living individuals. However, we received so many complaints about dropping the living names, effective with the next update (October 2014), we will restore those names. If you prefer that your name and those of your descendants not be shown, please let us know and they will be suppressed.

  2. Presumption of Death. For purposes of administering this policy, if we do not know conclusively whether a person is living or deceased, all persons born less than 95 years ago are presumed to be living, and all persons born more than 95 years ago are presumed deceased. (We would appreciate being notified of any instances where our presumption is wrong.)

  3. Address privacy protected. It is standard procedure for most researchers, including the publishers of this site, to record in our descendancy database (family tree) the e-mail addresses or other contact information for personal sources of any information that we record in our databases. However, in order to protect the privacy of our sources from spammers, e-mail addresses are not shown directly, but a web user can use a link to send an e-mail message.

  4. E-mail Messages are Private. In general, we will rely on the RootsWeb Culpepper-L archives, and other public web archives, as the repository for all e-mail communications that would be of general interest to Culpepper researchers. However, we may occasionally print excerpts from e-mail messages that we believe will be useful to be found directly on our site. Also, we will not publish on Culpepper Connections!, "flames", criticisms, or anything that we think might be embarrassing to someone.

  5. Public Information on the web may be republished. The foregoing policies not withstanding, we may publish information from public databases, news articles, obituaries or other textual information that has been made publicly available. However, if such information has been published about you or your family, and you do not wish it to appear on our website, we will remove it upon request.

  6. DNA Project Privacy. We will not display the names of our DNA project participants. Also see FamilyTreeDNA's Privacy Statement.

  7. Problem Notification. However diligent we may be in adhering to our privacy guidelines, we may inadvertently let something slip through. If we have published something that you don't feel we should have, we urge you to immediately notify us so we can correct the breach.

Last Revised: 02 Jan 2015.

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