George Larry Culpepper1

Male, #65071, (15 Feb 1939 - 19 Jun 2019)
Father*George Everett Culpepper1
Birth*15 Feb 1939 He was born on 15 Feb 1939 at Shorterville, Henry Co., Alabama.1 
Death*19 Jun 2019 He died at Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia, on 19 Jun 2019 at age 80.1 
Obituary*3 Jul 2019 George Larry Culpepper, 80, of Atlanta, died peacefully Wednesday, June 19, 2019. Larry was born February 15, 1939 in Shorterville, Alabama, the son of the late Everette and Ernestine Barnette Culpepper. He graduated from Blakely-Union High School in Blakely, GA. After high school, he attended Georgia Tech before serving in the Air Force from 1961 to 1965. He later received his B.A. degree from Oglethorpe University and his M.B.A. degree from Georgia State University.
Larry and his wife of 57 years, Elese, raised their two children in Atlanta. He was employed by Marathon Oil Company for 35 years before retiring in 2005 and was a member of the Georgia Oilmen's Association. He was a member of St. James United Methodist Church and the Wesley Sunday School Class for 53 years.
After retirement, Larry enjoyed traveling and camping with the SunnyPeaches RV Club. He was a member of Unicoi Springs RV Resort for 17 years where he made many wonderful memories with family and friends. He enjoyed all things outdoors especially daily walks and hiking.
Larry was the oldest of four children, preceded in death by his brother Steve Culpepper (Terry) of Abbeville, Alabama. In addition to his wife, Elese Baldwin Culpepper, he is survived by a son, Scott Baldwin Culpepper both of Atlanta; a daughter, Tamera Culpepper Coleman (Bob) of Gainesville, GA; grandchildren Margaret Coleman and Elizabeth Coleman Evans (Alex) both of metropolitan Atlanta; brothers Richard Culpepper (Patty) of Carrollton, GA and Ronnie Culpepper (Suzann) of Blakely, GA.
A memorial service will be held July 7th, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. in the Gainesville First United Methodist Church Chapel followed by a reception in the Gathering Room....1 
ChartsBenjamin (son of Joseph) Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC: Descendant Chart
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Ruby Othal Swor

Female, #65074, (15 Jul 1900 - 19 Jan 1986)
Father*Azor Swor
Mother*Martha Maynettie Culpepper
Birth*15 Jul 1900 She was born on 15 Jul 1900 at Henry Co., Tennessee.1 
Married Name7 Dec 1916  As of 7 Dec 1916, her married name was Gibson. 
Marriage*7 Dec 1916 She married Sumner Herbert Gibson at Butler Co., Missouri, on 7 Dec 1916 at age 16. 
Death of Father27 Mar 1935 Her father Azor Swor died on 27 Mar 1935 at Saint Louis, Saint Louis Co., Missouri
Death of Mother8 Sep 1945 Her mother Martha Maynettie Culpepper died on 8 Sep 1945. 
Death of Spouse2 Nov 1960 Her husband Sumner Herbert Gibson died on 2 Nov 1960 at Butler Co., Missouri.2 
Death*19 Jan 1986 She died at Saint Louis, Saint Louis Co., Illinois, on 19 Jan 1986 at age 85.1 


Sumner Herbert Gibson
Marriage*7 Dec 1916 She married Sumner Herbert Gibson at Butler Co., Missouri, on 7 Dec 1916 at age 16. 
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Sumner Herbert Gibson

Male, #65075, (28 May 1895 - 2 Nov 1960)
Birth*28 May 1895 He was born on 28 May 1895 at Tennessee.1 
Marriage*7 Dec 1916 He married Ruby Othal Swor at Butler Co., Missouri, on 7 Dec 1916 at age 21. 
Death*2 Nov 1960 He died at Butler Co., Missouri, on 2 Nov 1960 at age 65.2 


Ruby Othal Swor
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Martha Elizabeth Gibson

Female, #65076, (circa 1930 - Sep 2013)
Father*Sumner Herbert Gibson
Mother*Ruby Othal Swor
Birth*circa 1930 She was born circa 1930. 
Death of Father2 Nov 1960 Her father Sumner Herbert Gibson died on 2 Nov 1960 at Butler Co., Missouri.1 
Death of Mother19 Jan 1986 Her mother Ruby Othal Swor died on 19 Jan 1986 at Saint Louis, Saint Louis Co., Illinois.2 
Death*Sep 2013 She died in Sep 2013. 
ChartsHenry Culpepper Jr. of Norfolk Co., VA: Descendant Chart
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Il Jo Chandler1

Female, #65078, (15 Jun 1932 - 26 Feb 2014)
Birth*15 Jun 1932 She was born on 15 Jun 1932 at Whiton, DeKalb Co., Alabama.1 
Married Namesay 1951  As of say 1951, her married name was Culpepper.1 
Marriage*say 1951 She married Dan Dell Culpepper say 1951.1 
Death of Spouse21 Feb 2014 Her husband Dan Dell Culpepper died on 21 Feb 2014 at Trion, Chattooga Co., Georgia.2 
Death*26 Feb 2014 She died at Trion, Chattooga Co., Georgia, on 26 Feb 2014 at age 81.1 


Dan Dell Culpepper
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  2. Published in The Gadsden Times on Feb. 23, 2014.

Nona Holder

Female, #65079, (circa 1909 - )
Birth*circa 1909 She was born circa 1909 at Doyle, White Co., Tennessee
Married Name25 Sep 1934  As of 25 Sep 1934, her married name was Culpepper. 
Marriage*25 Sep 1934 She married Foy Culpepper at Brooke Co., West Virginia, on 25 Sep 1934. 


Foy Culpepper
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Zelma Lee Skinner

Female, #65080, (4 Sep 1899 - 7 May 1971)
Father*Thomas Jefferson Skinner
Mother*Martha Sallie Beckham
Birth*4 Sep 1899 She was born on 4 Sep 1899 at Arkansas.1,2 
Death of FatherApr 1912 Her father Thomas Jefferson Skinner died in Apr 1912 at Nevada Co., Arkansas.3 
Married Name26 Oct 1919  As of 26 Oct 1919, her married name was Patterson.4 
Marriage*26 Oct 1919 She married Hosea Ernest Patterson at Nevada Co., Arkansas, on 26 Oct 1919 at age 20.5 
Death of Mother6 Mar 1939 Her mother Martha Sallie Beckham died on 6 Mar 1939 at Hempstead Co., Arkansas
Death of Spouse10 May 1954 Her husband Hosea Ernest Patterson died on 10 May 1954 at Texarkana, Bowie Co., Texas.6 
Death*7 May 1971 She died at Texarkana, Bowie Co., Texas, on 7 May 1971 at age 71.7 
Burial*say 10 May 1971 Her body was interred say 10 May 1971 at Hempstead Co., Arkansas.1 


Hosea Ernest Patterson
Marriage*26 Oct 1919 She married Hosea Ernest Patterson at Nevada Co., Arkansas, on 26 Oct 1919 at age 20.5 
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Hosea Ernest Patterson1

Male, #65081, (13 Jan 1893 - 10 May 1954)
Name-Comm Commonly known as Hosie Ernest Patterson. 
Birth*13 Jan 1893 He was born on 13 Jan 1893 at Franklin Co., Alabama.1 
Marriage*26 Oct 1919 He married Zelma Lee Skinner at Nevada Co., Arkansas, on 26 Oct 1919 at age 26.2 
Death*10 May 1954 He died at Texarkana, Bowie Co., Texas, on 10 May 1954 at age 61.3 
Burial*say 13 May 1954 His body was interred say 13 May 1954 at Hempstead Co., Arkansas.4 


Zelma Lee Skinner
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Charlie C. Thornton1

Male, #65082, (9 Jul 1906 - Feb 1985)
Father*Albert Nolan Thornton1
Mother*Frances Catherine Brown1
Birth*9 Jul 1906 He was born on 9 Jul 1906 at Elmore Co., Alabama.1 
Death of Mother31 Dec 1935 His mother Frances Catherine Brown died on 31 Dec 1935 at Wetumpka, Elmore Co., Alabama.2 
Death of Father12 Dec 1959 His father Albert Nolan Thornton died on 12 Dec 1959 at Wetumpka, Elmore Co., Alabama.2 
Death*Feb 1985 He died at Elmore Co., Alabama, in Feb 1985 at age 78.1 
ChartsJohn Culpepper of Randolph Co, AL: Descendant Chart
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Dr. William Frank Benson

Male, #65083, (20 Jul 1934 - 11 Aug 2011)
Birth*20 Jul 1934 He was born on 20 Jul 1934. 
Marriage*1986 He married Ella Rebecca Culpepper in 1986. 
Death*11 Aug 2011 He died on 11 Aug 2011 at age 77. 


Ella Rebecca Culpepper
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Cecil Arlington Sheffield1

Male, #65087, (12 Oct 1897 - 13 Oct 1973)
Birth*12 Oct 1897 He was born on 12 Oct 1897 at Ringgold, Bienville Parish, Louisiana.1 
Marriage*say 1922 He married Lela Frank McDonald say 1922.1 
Death*13 Oct 1973 He died at Derby Line, Orleans Co., Vermont, on 13 Oct 1973 at age 76.1 


Lela Frank McDonald
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Susannah (?)1

Female, #65088, (say 1776 - )
Marriage* She married Stephen Denmark.1 
Married Name Her married name was Denmark.1 
Birth*say 1776 She was born say 1776.1 
Birth of Son9 Jun 1798 Her son Stephen Denmark was born on 9 Jun 1798 at Bulloch Co., Georgia

Family 1

Stephen Denmark

Family 2

James Denmark Sr
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  1. e-mail address.

Richard Grant Harding1

Male, #65089, (1910 - 1992)
Birth*1910 He was born in 1910 at Texarkana, Miller Co., Arkansas.1 
Marriage*21 Aug 1932 He married Ruby Lucille Carmack at Little River Co., Arkansas, on 21 Aug 1932.2 
Death*1992 He died at Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas, in 1992.1 


Ruby Lucille Carmack
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Edgar Lee Clark1

Male, #65090, (2 Dec 1901 - Jul 1982)
Birth*2 Dec 1901 He was born on 2 Dec 1901 at Redwater, Bowie Co., Texas.1 
Marriage*23 Dec 1922 He married Rena May Carmack at Texarkana, Miller Co., Arkansas, on 23 Dec 1922 at age 21.1 
Death*Jul 1982 He died at Texarkana, Bowie Co., Texas, in Jul 1982 at age 80.1 


Rena May Carmack
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Minnie L. Newsom (?)1

Female, #65091, (12 Dec 1894 - 21 Mar 1971)
Birth*12 Dec 1894 She was born on 12 Dec 1894 at DeKalb Co., Alabama.1 
Married Namesay 1915  As of say 1915, her married name was Wright.1 
Marriage*say 1915 She married Richmond Columbus Wright say 1915.1 
Death of Spouse13 May 1957 Her husband Richmond Columbus Wright died on 13 May 1957 at Fort Payne, DeKalb Co., Alabama.2 
Death*21 Mar 1971 She died at Fort Payne, DeKalb Co., Alabama, on 21 Mar 1971 at age 76.1 


Richmond Columbus Wright
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George Kornegay1

Male, #65092, (circa 1701 - 1 Nov 1773)
Birth*circa 1701 He was born circa 1701.1 
Birth of Sonsay 1740 His son Hardy Dean was born say 1740. 
Death*1 Nov 1773 He died at Rowan Co., North Carolina, on 1 Nov 1773.1 
Biography*17 Feb 2008 At an early age, George and his family were part of a company of German Palatines who immigrated to America with Baron deGraffenreid 1709-1710. In Craven County, 22 September 1711, The Tuscarorra Indians attacked and killed about 120 settlers - men, women and children. The only survivor of the Kornegay family was son, George, who was only ten years old. In August 1713, Jacob Miller (or Muller) took into his care two orphans and promised to teach them to read and write and take care of them until 21 years of age and to have them taught a carpenters trade. Names: George Kornegay and George Koonce.
George married Mary Fisher in 1726. They had ten children in the following order: Daniel, Elijah, John, Jacob, William, George, Mary, David, Abraham, and Joseph.
George served in the French and Indian War as a foot soldier in the Duplin, North Carolina, Militia, volunteering in 1754.
Judge H George Kornegay death was at Red Hill Plantation Duplin County North Carolina.2 
Research note12 Jun 2017 From David Kenagy:
My Y-DNA matches two descendants of Kornegay-39 and three descendants of Dean-4227. Because Kornegay and Kenagy (my name) are similar, and both came from the Palatinate, that match is not surprising. But "Dean"?

Descendants of Dean-4227 say he is not the biologic son of his mother's husband (father unknown). At the time of Dean's birth, all the relatives of Kornegay-39 were dead (Native American attack). Kornegay lived in a county near Dean's earliest descendants, and Kornegay was (at that time)the only source of this Y-DNA in North America.3 
Research note*15 Feb 2020 When George Kornegay (by DNA) was born in 1701 in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, his father, John, was 30 and his mother, Susannah, was 22. His family fled Platz, Germany (near Swiss border) for England in 1708, and then left for North Carolina in 1710, eventually settling on land near the Trent and Neuse Rivers--called Neuse Bern. His entire family but him, is killed by Tuscarora Indians in 1711. He was raised by Jacob Miller, clerk of the county. About 1725, when George was 21, Miller began helping him petition England for restitution of his Palatine family's lost land grant, which did not succeed until 1749. George had one son with 15 year old Frances Dean in 1740. George was awarded land near Cape Fear in Duplin County in 1749, so he then left the New Bern area with his wife and family, and to settle his newly titled 250 acres. He had one son with 15 year old, Frances Dean, in 1740. However, he was likely married to Mary Elizabeth Fisher, with whom he had many children. Mary died in 1759, and he then married Susannah in 1766 in Duplin, North Carolina. He died on November 1, 1773, in Duplin, North Carolina, at the age of 72, with an estate of over 2000 acres. He was likely buried in the Old Kornegay Family Cemetery.4 


Frances Dean
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Williard Leona McKay1

Female, #65093, (15 May 1910 - 8 Jan 1987)
Birth*15 May 1910 She was born on 15 May 1910 at Blount Co., Alabama.1 
Married Name20 Apr 1931  As of 20 Apr 1931, her married name was Dean.1 
Marriage*20 Apr 1931 She married Joseph Oral Dean at Jefferson Co., Alabama, on 20 Apr 1931 at age 20.1 
Death of Spouse3 Jun 1975 Her husband Joseph Oral Dean died on 3 Jun 1975 at Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Alabama.2 
Death*8 Jan 1987 She died at Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Alabama, on 8 Jan 1987 at age 76.1 


Joseph Oral Dean
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John Anderson Williams1

Male, #65094, (19 Apr 1853 - Apr 1924)
Birth*19 Apr 1853 He was born on 19 Apr 1853 at Thomaston, Upson Co., Georgia.1 
Marriage*29 Jun 1871 He married Eudora Elizabeth Rucker at Pike Co., Georgia, on 29 Jun 1871 at age 18.1 
Death of SpouseDec 1914 His wife Eudora Elizabeth Rucker died in Dec 1914 at Turner Co., Georgia.2 
Death*Apr 1924 He died at Georgia in Apr 1924.1 


Eudora Elizabeth Rucker
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